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A Study in Scarlet. Description: A study.

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Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The passage most strongly suggests that which of the following is true of Holmes? He tried, but failed, to become a doctor. He was an excellent student at the university. He studies things he is passionate about. He is considered an expert in philosophy. Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question? Lines "Surely no man … in view" 5. What central idea does the passage communicate about Sherlock Holmes?

He is very secretive and hard to understand. He is an excellent companion to Watson. He is highly regarded by his peers. He is an unusual and extraordinary man. People should study broadly to know something about everything.

The Adventure of the Yellow Face

Philosophy is not a valid field of study to pursue. The brain is limited in capacity, so you should prioritize what you learn.

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Studying the solar system is unimportant. Lines "It is of the … ones" 8. Related Interests Dr. Alma Balan. Ruan Santiago. Scott Monty. More From ChinhDao. Mark Barsoum. Alfred Tang. Simona Bartic. Popular in Science General. Aida Musa. Aamir Khan. Aurel GS.

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Amalia Rahmah. Anonymous kw8Yrp0R5r. Kourosh Khalpari. Doaa Hassan. Wesley Snipes.

Bilal Tayyab. Application of magnetic chitosan composites for the removal of toxic metal and dyes from aqueous solutions. The recognition of William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes was growing as a result of the success of the play Sherlock Holmes. Playing upon his most famous role, a short comedy sketch performed by William Gillette as a curtain raiser to an unrelated play. It involves a mute Sherlock Holmes, and a very talkative client. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Sherlock Holmes Traditionally, the canon of Sherlock Holmes consists of the 56 short stories and four novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The description of these 60 adventures as the Sherlock Holmes canon and the game of applying the methods of "Higher Criticism" to it was started by Ronald Knox as a playful use of the traditional definition of Canon as an authoritative list of books accepted as Holy Scripture.

Title of collection The first British edition and the first American edition of the collection were both published in June However, they had slightly different titles. Further confusing the issue of the title, some later publishers released the collection under the title The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes "Casebook" as a single word.

It contains the earliest short stories featuring the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, which had been published in twelve monthly issues of The Strand Magazine from July to June The stories are collected in the same sequence, which is not supported by any fictional chronology. The only characters common to all twelve are Holmes and Dr. Watson and all are related in first-person narrative from Watson's point of view. In general the stories in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes identify, and try to correct, social injustices. Holmes is portrayed as offering a new, fairer sense of justice.

The stories were well received, and boosted the subscriptions figures of The Strand Magazine, prompting Doyle to be able to demand more money for his next set of stories. The first story, "A Scandal in Bohemia", includes the character of Irene Adler, who, despite being featured onl. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, first published late in with date.

Like the first it was illustrated by Sidney Paget. The twelve stories were originally published in The Strand Magazine from December to December as The Adventures number 13 to Reader demand stimulated him to write another Holmes novel in —, The Hound of the Baskervilles, set before "The Final Problem".

Next year a new series, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, begins with the aftermath of "The Final Problem", in which it is revealed that Holmes actually survived. Contents The sequence of stories. Referring to himself as a "consulting detective" in the stories, Holmes is known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs when investigating cases for a wide variety of clients, including Scotland Yard. First appearing in print in 's A Study in Scarlet, the character's popularity became widespread with the first series of short stories in The Strand Magazine, beginning with "A Scandal in Bohemia" in ; additional tales appeared from then until , eventually totalling four novels and 56 short stories.

All but one are set in the Victorian or Edwardian eras, between about and Most are narrated by the character of Holmes's friend and biographer Dr. Watson, who usually accompanies Holmes during his investigations and often shares quarters with him at the address of B Baker Street, London, where many of. Sherlock Holmes is a series of adventure games developed by Frogwares. John H. While the franchise is based on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, each game has an original plot and storyline. Watson from either a first-person or third-person perspective. This adventure game series mainly consists of puzzles to solve during the course of the game, both by the use of Holmes' abductive reasoning and Watson's assistance.

It also requires gamers to find clues and evidence hidden in the environment. Holmes must take this information back to his labs, both in his flat at B Baker St. Clues are examined under a microscope or combined with solvents to separate pertinent elements. The chief objective of the games is to solve the main mystery in the story, but the games also involve. The programme adapted 42 of the original stories in 41 episodes, with 36 running for 50 minutes in a one-hour timeslot , and five being feature-length specials.

Adventures ran for two series totalling 13 episodes, from April to June and August to September Sherlock Holmes fandom is an international, informal community of fans of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, especially of the Canon of Sherlock Holmes. The fans are known as Sherlockian or Holmesian. Watson were real people and Conan Doyle was merely Watson's literary agent.

London [3] and was the first Holmes collection since , when Holmes had "died" in "The Final Problem". Having published The Hound of the Baskervilles in —, which was set before Holmes' "death", Doyle came under intense pressure to revive his famous character. The first story is set in and has Holmes returning in London and explaining the period from —, a period called "The Great Hiatus" by Sherlockian enthusiasts.

Also of note is Watson's statement in the last story of the cycle that Holmes has retired, and forbids him to publish any more stories. In fiction, canon is the material accepted as officially part of the story in the fictional universe of that story. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction.

The alternative terms mythology, timeline, universe and continuity are often used, with the first of these being used especially to refer to a richly detailed fictional canon requiring a large degree of suspension of disbelief e. Other times, the word can mean "to be acknowledged by the creator s ". Influential or widely accepted fan theories may be referred as "fanon", a portmanteau of fan and canon. Alternatively, the term "headcanon" is used to describe a fan's own interpretation of a fictional universe. Origin The use of the word "canon" originated in reference to a set of texts derives from Biblical canon, the set of books regarded as scripture, as contrasted wi.

The series is set in the present day, while the one-off special features a Victorian period fantasy resembling the original Holmes stories. Sherlock has b. Sherlock Holmes has long been a popular character for pastiche, Holmes-related work by authors and creators other than Arthur Conan Doyle.

Their works can be grouped into four broad categories: new Sherlock Holmes stories; stories in which Holmes appears in a cameo role; stories about imagined descendants of Sherlock Holmes; and stories inspired by Sherlock Holmes but which do not include Holmes himself. Sherlock Holmes stories New Sherlock Holmes stories fall into many categories, including: Additional Sherlock Holmes stories in the conventional mould Holmes placed in settings of contemporary interest such as World War II, or the future Crossover stories in which Holmes is pitted against other fictional characters for example vampires Explorations of unusual aspects of Holmes' character which are hinted at in Conan Doyle's works e.

The puppets for the series were designed by Bunta Inoue. A special programme[1] was broadcast on 5 October while a "Sherlock Holmes Award" was broadcast on 28 December Each episode was rebroadcast on successive Fridays. Watson voiced by Wataru Takagi. There are no murders, and characters appear where they were not present. This article features minor characters from the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and from non-canonical derived works. He is the only official policeman in the books to have ever matched Sherlock Holmes in his investigative skills.

In this story, the reader finds that despite working along different lines, they both arrive at the correct conclusion and solve the case at the same time. In fact, Baynes had misled even Holmes as he used a method similar to one that Holmes often used when he arrested the wrong man and provided inaccurate information to the press in order to lull the true criminal into a false sense of security.

Holmes congratulated this inspector and believed that he would go far. He is the elder brother by seven years of detective Sherlock Holmes. He is described as having abilities of deduction and knowledge exceeding even those of his brother, though their practical use is limited by his poor physique and dislike of fieldwork. The character has been adapted in various pieces of literature and media, including television series, movies, radio, and comics.

He is also popular in culture, being mentioned by many works, which mostly reference his job, personality, or his relationship with Sherlock Holmes. Profile Possessing deductive powers exceeding even those of his younger brother, Mycroft is nevertheless incapable of performing detective work similar to that of Sherlock as he is unwilling to put in the physical effort necessary to bring cases to their conclusions. He will not even. Over half of the cases took place in London. The War Service of Sherlock Holmes" All editions contain a brief preface, by "John H. Watson, M. Description The collection contains "The Adventure of the Cardboard Box", which was also included in the first edition of in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes but was dropped from later editions of that book.

The Sherlockian game also known as the Holmesian game, the Great Game or simply the Game[1] is the pastime of attempting to resolve anomalies and clarify implied details about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. It treats Holmes and Watson as real people and uses aspects of the canonical stories combined with the history of the era of the tales' settings to construct fanciful biographies of the pair. Origins and early scholars The game of examining the stories as if they were non-fiction began in the early twentieth century. There are early examples of Sherlockian essays by Arthur Bartlett Maurice and Frank Sidgwick, both published in , but neither of these essays received much notice at first.

Dorothy L. Sayers, creator of the detective Lord Peter Wimsey, also. Diamond, and directed by Wilder. The film offers an affectionate, slightly parodic look at Sherlock Holmes, and draws a distinction between the "real" Holmes and the character portrayed by Watson in his stories for The Strand magazine. In the shorter of the two, Holmes is approached by a famous Russian ballerina, Madame Petrova Tamara Toumanova , who proposes that they conceive a child together, one who she hopes will inherit her physique and his intellect. Holmes manages to extricate himself by claiming that Watson is his lover, much to the doctor's.

Watson is Sherlock Holmes' friend, assistant and sometime flatmate, and the first person narrator of all but four of these stories. He is described as the typical Victorian-era gentleman, unlike the more eccentric Holmes. He is astute, although he can never match his friend's deductive skills. Whilst retaining his role as Holmes's friend and confidant, Watson has been adapted in various films, television series, video games, comics and radio programmes.

He was probably inspired by one of Doyle's colleagues, Dr James Watson. William L. DeAndrea wrote that "Watson also serves the important function of catalyst for Holmes's men. The Enola Holmes Mysteries is a young adult fiction series of detective novels by American author Nancy Springer, starring Enola Holmes as the fourteen-year-old sister of an already-famous Sherlock Holmes, twenty years her senior. When their mother disappears, Enola's brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, decide to send her to a finishing school against her will.

Instead, with the aid of her mother who had provided hidden funds and an elaborate cypher for her daughter to communicate with her, Enola runs away to London where she establishes a clandestine private detective career specializing in missing persons investigations. Furthermore, Enola must keep ahead of her brothers who are determined to capture and force her to conform to their expectations.

This pastiche series borrows characters and settings from the established canon of Sherlock Holmes, but the Enola character is Springer's creation and specific to this series. Originally serialised in The Strand Magazine from August to April , it is set largely on Dartmoor in Devon in England's West Country and tells the story of an attempted murder inspired by the legend of a fearsome, diabolical hound of supernatural origin. Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson investigate the case. This was the first appearance of Holmes since his apparent death in "The Final Problem", and the success of The Hound of the Baskervilles led to the character's eventual revival.

James Mortimer asks Sherlock Holmes for advice after his friend. Background Recognizing the success of his character Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle decided to pen a play based on him. While nothing came of their association at that time, it did inspire Conan Doyle to pen a five-act play featuring Holmes and Professor Moriarty. Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed literary character in stage, film, and television history, having appeared on stage and screen times as of John Watson, respectively.

The first two films in the series were produced by 20th Century Fox and released in The studio stopped making the films after these, but Universal Studios acquired the rights from the Doyle estate and produced a further twelve films. Although the films from 20th Century Fox had large budgets, high production values and were set in the Victorian era, Universal Studios updated the films to have Holmes fighting the Nazis, and produced them as B pictures with lower budgets. Both Rathbone and Bruce continued their roles when the series changed studios, as did Mary Gordon, who played the recurring character Mrs.

In the s four of the Universal-produced films fell into the public domain when their copyright w. It involves Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character of Mycroft Holmes, the older brother of Sherlock Holmes, solving a mystery early in his career as a government official.

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It is Abdul-Jabbar's first adult novel. Holmes and Douglas follow her to the island and are confronted with dark mysteries. Publication history Having been a fan of the original Sherlock Holmes stories as a child, Abdul-Jabbar specifically chose to write about Mycroft as he felt that there was already an abundance of Sherlock Holmes pastiches. Hodel and Sean M. Wright's Enter the Lion:. The stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were very popular as adaptations for the stage, and later film, and still later television. De Waal lists over 25, Holmes-related productions and products.

Together, the two actors completed radio adaptations of every story in the canon between and The complete canonical run is available on CD and audio cassette, as well as downloads. Plot In November , young women are being killed in London, each with a silk stocking stuffed down her throat. Watson seeks help from the retired and disenchanted Holmes, who determines that the victims are well-born ladies, not prostitutes. Evidence found includes a thumbprint, a pair of ladies' dancing shoes, broken glass, a strong smell of chloroform and a silk stocking removed from a victim's gullet.

It seems that the killer has a foot fetish. Holmes interrogates a survivor - a young girl who was apparently set free by her captor becau. Its title is a play on the title of the Russian novel Crime and Punishment by author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The game takes place in London and its suburbs in and with gameplay focused on finding the right culprit and making the moral choice of absolving or condemning them. The game is the first in the series to use the Unreal Engine 3, and was inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories.

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The game is split into six cases of murders, disappearances and thefts written in the tradition of Doyle novels. John Watson, Toby and Constable Marrow playable briefly. The majority of the game involves exploring crime scenes and examining clues. Once discovered, clues are added to a "deduct. It appears in book form as part of the collection The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.

This story, set in , introduced Holmes's archenemy, the criminal mastermind Professor James Moriarty. Conan Doyle later ranked "The Final Problem" fourth on his personal list of the twelve best Holmes stories. John Watson's residence one evening in a somewhat agitated state and with grazed and bleeding knuckles.

Much to Watson's surprise, he had apparently escaped three separate murder attempts that day after a visit from Professor Moriarty, who warned Holmes to withdraw from his pursuit of justice against him to avoid any regrettable outcome. First, just as he was turning a street corner, a cab suddenly rushed towards him and Holmes just managed to leap out of t.

The film is credited as an adaptation of Conan Doyle's short story "The Adventure of the Dancing Men," though the only element from the source material is the dancing men code. The film concerns the kidnapping of a Swiss scientist by their nemesis Professor Moriarty, to steal a new bomb sight and sell it to Nazi Germany. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson have to crack a secret code in order to save the country.

The film is one of four films in the series which are in the public domain. Franz Tobel William Post Jr. John Watson. It is, however, treated by most experts as a parody or pastiche not suitable for inclusion in the traditional story Canon of Sherlock Holmes,[1] though there are dissenters. It is the eighth of the twelve stories collected in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

It is one of four Sherlock Holmes stories that can be classified as a locked room mystery. The story was first published in Strand Magazine in February , with illustrations by Sidney Paget. Doyle later revealed that he thought this was his best Holmes story. The play, originally called The Stonor Case, differs from the story in several details, such as the names of some of the characters. Watson rise unusually early one morning to meet a young woman named Helen Stoner who f.

Sherlok Kholms is a Russian television crime drama series[3] based on the Sherlock Holmes detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, and was aired in November Eight episodes have been produced, while the first episode was aired in late This is the last film role of Andrei Panin, who died before he was able to complete the dubbing of his lines as Dr. Background London in the 19th century is a grimy, dirty, dangerous place. They both live in cramped rented rooms in central London at a boarding. Plot summary Watson reading the newspaper to Holmes and Wilson. While studying this perspective client, both Holmes and Watson notice his red hair, which has a distinct flame-like hue.

Wilson tells them that some weeks before, his young assistant, Vincent Spaulding, urged him to respond to a newspaper want-ad offering highly-paid work to only red-headed male applicants. The next morning, Wilson had waited in a long line of fellow red-headed men, was interviewed and was the only applicant hired, because none of t.

This episode introduced the character of Jim Moriarty, the "consulting criminal". It featured a number of linked cases for Sherlock to solve, with numerous allusions to the works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Critical reception was highly positive. Plot John receives news of an explosion on Baker Street and rushes back home, only to find Sherlock safe and Mycroft pressing Sherlock to investigate the murder of an MI6 clerk and the disappearance of a flash drive with important defence plans.

Sherlock refuses and is then called to Scotland Yard. Inside the bombed-out flat was a strongbox containing a mobile phone similar to the one belonging to the victim from "A Study in Pink". A message leads Sherlock to a pair of trainers. He then receives a call from a terrified woman, reading a message from a third party.

If Sherlock doesn't solve the puzzle in twelve hours, the explosive vest. Laura Lyons born October 22, is an American model. She was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its February issue. Her centerfold was photographed by Dwight Hooker and Mario Casilli. Sherlock Holmes fans speculated that Lyons was named after a character in The Hound of the Baskervilles, but Hugh Hefner confirmed it was indeed her real name in an interview in The Baker Street Journal.

She worked as a Playboy Bunny in the Chicago Playboy Club prior to becoming a Playmate, and led a protest and brief strike seeking improved work privileges such as the freedom to date customers and socialize at the club when not working, which were granted. References Ertur Canon Doyl. Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years —, combining elements of boxing, jujitsu, cane fighting, and French kickboxing savate.


Barton-Wright had previously also studied "boxing, wrestling, fencing, savate and the use of the stiletto under recognised masters", reportedly testing his skills by "engaging toughs street fighters until he was satisfied in their application. For its time, it was regarded as "the largest Graphic Adventure ever done for the PC". While the manner of her death suggests this is another strike by Jack the Ripper, Holmes believes someone else had committed the crime.