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READ THE REST Son of Ghostnet: the mobile malware that targets Tibetans abroad Citizen Lab previously is one of the world's top research institutions documenting cyber-attacks against citizen groups, human rights activists, journalists and others; ten years ago, they made their reputation by breaking a giant story about "Ghostnet," malicious software that the Chinese state used to convert the computers of the world's Tibetan embassies into spying devices.

READ THE REST Authenticating a video showing hundreds of kneeling people in shackles and blindfolds on a Chinese railroad platform Last week, a drone video showing hundreds of people in China being shackled and blindfolded and made to kneel on a train platform went viral; a piece of amazing digital detective work by Nathan Ruser presents a compelling case that the video is real, and that it was recorded in August near the city […] READ THE REST These totally wireless earbuds have a hour battery life A few hours of music, an easy way to take calls over the commute.

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Officials say the country’s recruitment and cyber theft efforts are becoming more pervasive

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I feel I should proffer the best possible advice to my government. He later ran into one or two of the same people at an academic conference.

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Centra strives to mask its CIA connections. We have nothing to do with that. The receptionist fetched human resources director Dianne Colpitts. F or Iranian academics escaping to the west, academic conferences are a modern-day underground railroad. The CIA has taken full advantage of this vulnerability. Because it was hard to approach the scientists in Iran, the CIA enticed them to conferences in friendly or neutral countries, a former intelligence officer told me.

In consultation with Israel, the agency would choose a prospect. Like professors anywhere, they enjoyed a junket. The CIA officer assigned to the case might pose as a student, a technical consultant, or an exhibitor with a booth. His first job would be to peel the guards away from the scientist.

Isis killed British recruit as spy

The hope was that they would attribute their illness to aeroplane food or an unfamiliar cuisine. With luck, the officer would catch the scientist alone for a few minutes, and pitch to him. That way, if the scientist expressed doubt that he was really dealing with the CIA, the officer could respond that he knew everything about him, even the most intimate details — and prove it.

Even after the scientist agreed to defect, he might reconsider and run away. Once he was safely in a car to the airport, the CIA coordinated the necessary visas and flight documents with allied intelligence agencies.

It would also spare no effort to bring his wife and children to the US — though not his mistress, as one scientist requested. Unfortunately, the CIA had spirited him out of Iran without credentials such as diplomas and transcripts.

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But the agency persisted, and the renowned engineering school agreed to accommodate the CIA by waiving its usual screening procedures. It mustered a group of professors from related departments to grill the defector. He aced the oral exam, was admitted, and earned his doctorate. MIT administrators deny any knowledge of the episode.

EyeSpy Recruitment

However, two academics corroborated key elements of the story. Somehow I learned that he did work on centrifuges in Iran. But if President Trump scraps or seeks to renegotiate the deal, which he denounced in a September speech to the United Nations General Assembly, CIA-staged conferences to snag key Iranian nuclear scientists could make a clandestine comeback. The long read. In order to tempt nuclear scientists from countries such as Iran or North Korea to defect, US spy agencies routinely send agents to academic conferences — or even host their own fake ones.

By Daniel Golden. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics The long read. Reuse this content. Most popular. His handlers gave him a Samsung phone that doubled as a covert communications device, according to testimony.

As he worked with the Chinese, Mallory began reaching out to former CIA colleagues in an apparent effort to pump them for information. The ex-colleagues grew suspicious and contacted the CIA, prosecutors say. The spy agency launched an investigation with the FBI. He added: "I will destroy all electronic records after you confirm receipt. I already destroyed the paper records.

I cannot keep these around, too dangerous. Once he realized authorities were on to him, Mallory reported to the CIA that he believed Chinese intelligence had tried to recruit him. He seemed stunned, according to court testimony, when the incriminating messages popped up on the Samsung phone in the presence of investigators. After they arrested him, the FBI searched his home and found a digital storage card with eight secret and top-secret documents. Some information on the documents could have put American agents in danger, prosecutors said.

And Mallory sent the information about the couple working on behalf of the Defense Intelligence Agency after he learned they would be traveling to the China in the summer of , according to court records. The judge in the case is T.