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  1. Is Coal Ash in Soil a Good Idea?
  2. 8News Daily Poll: Do you support Dominion’s plan to dump water from coal ash ponds in Va. rivers?
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  4. coal ash and sparrows Manual

Environmentalists note that, even when sites aren't flooded or retaining walls aren't compromised, the minerals in the ash still can seep into water tables to infect drinking water. Just sweeping this under the rug is not cutting it," Williams says. Utilities, fearful of the huge costs associated with cleaning up these sites, favor sealing off the landfills and the ponds that hold coal ash. Groups like EcoWatch are leery of that solution. Starr agrees. The fix is to excavate all of the coal ash.

Once you remove all the coal ash Excavating the coal ash, putting it away from our water resources and putting it into a lined landfill — your kitchen garbage has more strict restrictions on it — that's what you have to do. The fix is to remove it.

A rule dictating stricter federal standards for coal ash disposal , passed in under the Obama administration, was eased earlier in by the Trump administration. But a U. Court of Appeals decision in August , not only threatens to gut the Trump rollbacks but calls on the EPA to pass even tougher rules than called for during the Obama era. Disposal of all the coal residue is going to take years and years to pull off, all while plants across the country continue to produce it.

That means coal ash will be a problem — for everybody — for the foreseeable future. We just have to suck it up and do the best we can with that. The bottom line is protection of the waterways that are essential to life. The Deadly Problem of Coal Ash.

  1. Environmental Justice.
  2. New 'green' geopolymer concrete delivers win-win for industry and the planet?
  3. What is coal ash?.

Lee facility spill. If eaten, drunk or inhaled, these toxicants can cause cancer and nervous system impacts such as cognitive deficits, developmental delays and behavioral problems. They can also cause heart damage, lung disease, respiratory distress, kidney disease, reproductive problems, gastrointestinal illness, birth defects, and impaired bone growth in children. Duke Energy's Sutton Power Plant was flooded during Hurricane Florence in September , triggering massive coal ash spills into the local waterways. According to the U.

Is Coal Ash in Soil a Good Idea?

Energy Information Administration , burning a pound of coal produces enough energy to light 10 watt bulbs Appalshop Is Hiring! Appalshop unveils largest net-metered renewable energy system in Eastern Kentucky In the heart of the coalfields, Appalshop, Inc. With panels incorporated Appalshop family and five decades worth of artistic partnerships are coming together to make this Golden Anniversary one that touches as many places and people as The annual New York City event will showcase June Appal recording artists, screen Appalshop films, and feature workshops led by traditional Kentucky artists.

One Appalshop workshop will explore African-American So that there is a very nice balance to adjust in a matter which the most expert observer might find difficult. On the one hand the young sparrows are fed on a great many caterpillars; on the other hand they are fed with grain, but this is mixed with weeds and other vegetable matter. Again, there is a side light in which to look at the question:—If the sparrows were dead, how many of these caterpillars would be eaten by other small birds? I think there is not a doubt about it. Sparrows do much good to the farmer, in conjunction with many other little birds, by consuming vast numbers of the seeds of weeds.

I think not nearly enough has been made of this by their friends and supporters. The following is a list of those which have been actually identified, with my authority for each:. Wild spinach Chenpodium bonus-henricus , Mr. Dandelion Taraxacum officinale. Goosefoot Chenopodium album , Mr. Field mustard Sinapis arvensis , Professor Macgillivray.

The Value of Sparrows

Wild radish Raphanus raphanistrum , Professor Macgillivray. Dock Rumex crispus , Mr. Pale-flowered persicaria Polygonum lapathifolium , Mr. Buttercup, Mr. These seeds will spread from a hedge, the sides of which are not brushed with a reaping-hook in the summer, and make a field very foul; so that everyone must admit that sparrows and small birds generally do some amount of good by keeping them down.

The farmer thought that his crop was ruined, but in September such swarms of sparrows as he had never seen before visited the field and fed on the small shining seeds of the knot grass. I regret that I have neither got the date of the letter, nor the name of the writer, the communication, according to a bad practice prevalent among observers, being anonymous.

A sparrow's crop will contain a great many small seeds. Schleh found whole seeds of chickweed in the crop of one sparrow in Germany! In one shot at Northrepps, in Norfolk, were actually counted, and many more were ground up into pulp in the gizzard. Digestion is rapid, and at this rate a vast number would be consumed in a very short time.

It need hardly be said that the present contribution, including the Table which follows, does not exhaust the sparrow controversy. It leaves many interesting points almost untouched.

8News Daily Poll: Do you support Dominion’s plan to dump water from coal ash ponds in Va. rivers?

Six hundred and ninety-four dissections have been made in the preparation of the following Table, by various hands, in various places. They have been made at nearly regular intervals—certainly during every month of the year, and I may almost say during every week. It is therefore hoped they will give a reliable idea of what the customary food of sparrows is, and what their occasional food. I confess this latter phrase is somewhat vague, but have felt the necessity of employing it in default of a better. The column under this heading might no doubt be further extended.

Maize has only been entered under two months; but where sparrows have an opportunity of obtaining it, maize would be found in their crops at any time of the year. They will also eat bread, potatoes, rice, pastry, raisins, currants, etc.

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Credit must be given to them as scavengers in a small way in our crowded cities, where they consume matter such as I have named, which, if left, would decay and be injurious to health. Among those who have assisted in the inquiry my thanks are especially due to my father, Mr. Willis, Mr. Sapwell, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Norgate, Mr. Buxton, Mr. Southwell, Mr. Gunn, Mr. Lees, Mr. Barrett, Mr.

Slater, and Colonel Russell. Hepburn, Hawley, and Wilson; and some material has been gathered from other scattered sources, which I have particularized in the Table.

coal ash and sparrows Manual

This is up to the age of sixteen days. Sparrows generally contain in their gizzards a considerable quantity of small stones, gravel, sand, brick, coal, etc. In default of these substances they will swallow small mollusks, fragments of egg-shell, fragments of snail-shells, etc.

It seems that the actual blossom is not eaten, but rather that a portion of it is masticated for the drop of nectar at the base of the petals. For the same reason the crocus and other garden flowers alluded to at p. The blossoms of fruit-trees seem to be attacked for the pollen.